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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Solar Eclipse New York - 11/3/2013

Solar Eclipse in New York City and Seagull, Astrophotography

Solar Eclipse New York 11/03/2013

This is video of Partial Solar Eclipse as Seen in New York City.

Brooklyn Astrophotography in Queens

Solar eclipses not so often happen in NY City, especially for last years. So wake up early to see this rear event. This solar eclipse was seen just after sunrise. The solar eclipse did not stop seagull and airplanes, they flied around during eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Seagull New York City
Beginning of the sunrise Solar eclipse in NYC on November 3 2013
Beginning NYC Solar Eclipse November 3 2013
Sunrise JFK Airport - couple minutes before Solar Eclipse 11/3/2013

Next Solar eclipse in New York City will be Oct 23 2014.

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